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Hardworking student looking for a job to gain experience and network while I begin my career. I enjoy working face to face with people and am hoping to also have good relations with coworkers. I have started working from the age of sixteen and since then have enjoyed a challenge and would love a job that can give me that. I find joy in life by overcoming obstacles or more specifically, puzzles, and I want a job that can give me difficult situations that I need to figure out on my own.


Warcraft 3
Command Line
Office Suite
Operating Systems
Computer Hardware


ClearHome | Summer 2019

Sold AT&T products for the entirety of the summer. I'd never really had to work with people like I had to when I sold. I learned a ton about presentation in this job that will be invaluable for the rest of my career.

University of Utah | Fall 2018 to Current

Utah's top research institution. I credit any understanding I have of algorithms and computer systems to the my favorite professors here.

CBSmith Marketing | 2016-Current

Learned SEO and Analytics. Christian Smith helped me learn the value of SEO and how to gain value for a website on Search Engines. I learned PPC management and website analytics.

Dixie State University | 2015-2018

Dixie State is a small public university, because of the relatively small class sizes I was able to receive much individual attention and grow because of that. I graduated with an Associate's of Science in Spring of 2018.

Success Academy (HS) | 2015-2018

Class of 2018! A scary decision for me that I decided on in my freshman year of HS. I don't regret it. Success allows students to graduate with their associate's degree on high school graduation. It did force me to mature a bit more quickly than I would have liked, but I know the accelerated learning helped me progress.

Desert Hills High School | 2015-2018

My boundary school. I would take classes here half day during the mornings. It was an important decision for me to stay involved with my friends and school while still taking the Success program.

Likes & Dislikes

Tennis Sushi
Coding Gaming
Pearl Jam Chicago
Surpreme Pizza Dota 2
Dota 2 Anime
Cooking Manual Labor
Beats by Dre Goats
Pineapple Pizza Dancing
The "Man" Dirt

About Me

I'm a student, a developer, and a web designer. I enjoy all aspects of nearly anything that I can type into a text editor. From an early age I have enjoyed anything that was a puzzle for me.

I enjoy tennis and love to be outdoors. Maybe Southern Utah rubbed off on my while I was growing up there. My favorite thing to do is watch movies. That may make me a little lazy but hey... it's what I enjoy.

To my Mother... my Inspiration